The Guide to Social Enterprise Funding: 5 Main Types of Funding


You’ve caught the buzz of social entrepreneurship, had a look at our guide to social entrepreneurship and are ready to get your world-changing business off the ground. Now you’ve reached one of the hardest challenges faced by social entrepreneurs – funding.  Though your idea may be ground-breaking, many traditional investors are still on the fence […]

Top 7 Must-read Books for Every Social Entrepreneur

Top 7 Must-read Books for Every Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise and if you’re already here, it looks like you’ve already heard about it and are taking it seriously. You might be looking to get a better idea of what social entrepreneurship is all about or maybe you’ve already got a fantastic business idea you want to start building. To […]

Social Entrepreneurship: A Complete Guide To This Booming Business Model

Social Entrepreneurship: A Guide To This Booming Business Model

Long gone are the days of donation dependent NGOs and small-scale but big-hearted projects. A new generation of businesses are changing the game – making doing good the essence of who they are and commerce as their key to achieving it. Businesses are becoming more and more socially and environmentally conscious.  You can see it […]

Top 5 Life-Changing Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If there’s something everyone could agree on, it would be that books are timeless. For countless centuries, books have been educating and influencing the lives of millions. In modern times where we have access to more information than we could ever imagine, there has never been a better time to discover the best books for […]

How To Handle Job Rejection: 6 Tips

How To Handle Job Rejection: 6 Tips

Whether it’s the first, second, third and so on, finding a job and handling rejections would perhaps be one of the biggest challenges that we’ve all faced at some point in our lives. What’s worse is that perhaps you don’t hear a response for half of the applications, and months later, rejection emails come in […]