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We help hungry marketers up-skill in real world marketing to land a new job, get promoted, or start a business.

We teach skills companies need. Not what they teach you at university.

80% of the Mentees that dedicate themselves for two Months get a new job, or a promotion. That number goes to 99% at the end of Month 3.

How does this work? Because we’re a venture company with award-winning experience. We understand exactly what companies want from marketing talent. We remove all the noise and get to the exact information you need to know.

Our Mentees also get full access to all our venture training materials through the Online Creator Institute.

Social Media Automation

Content Marketing

Marketing Analytics

Resume/LinkedIn Upgrades


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About the Mentor

Louis has worked with some of the largest brands in the world including Activision, Red Bull, Patron, Riot Games, Twitter, and so forth. By the age of 30, he hit the Head of Marketing position and grew that into APAC’s fastest-growing tech company awarded by Deloitte in December 2019. Louis is also the founder of all the businesses within PetriVentures. He is currently the Head of Marketing for EPMPartners, a Microsoft partner.

Book your free 30 minute career strategy session (Limited Time)

Claim your $1,500 audit for FREE Chat.

This is completely free without any obligation of signing up for our services.

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What Our Mentees Say

Frequently asked questions about our marketing mentorship

A marketing mentorship is a program where a mentor shares with a mentee (or protege) information about his or her own career path.

PetriVenture mentees learn real world marketing skills, get career guidance, and a role modeling from someone that has done it. That’s a big deal for us. Our Mentors require a minimum of 8+ successful years in marketing.

Mentors also help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and even partnerships from time to time.

We have one marketing mentorship program. Why? Because it has exactly what the industry wants from marketers.

You will learn Content Marketing, Social Media Automation, SEO, understanding demand validation, MarTech, building an online profile, Digital Marketing and the latest software marketers use.

None of this is covered at university.

The mentorship is a placeholder name for a entry-mid level real-world marketing education program. With 1 on 1 guidance from a successful marketing human.

Simply put, Universities are unable to keep up with the latest marketing trends because:

  1. They don’t need to because they take advantage of “tradition” and students that don’t know any better.
  2. The 1-year university course approval process can’t keep up with how fast marketing changes. PetriVenture mentors need to keep up because they run real-businesses.


How do we know this? We’ve consulted for some of the best universities in Australia and therefore, the world. We’ve seen how backward the 1930’s system is and it’s no-longer relevant for marketers.

It’s why Marketing graduates can’t find jobs.

To be fair, the cost of this mentorship, or whatever you want to call it, should be the cost of 6 months salary when 80% of you get a job within two months of our three month mentorship.

We encourage you to join the Facebook group and ask the mentees yourself. We’re here to provide a lot of value to hungry marketers, not to F@#k around. Direct message Louis Petrides on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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It’s based on supply and demand. Our mentors run other businesses and to ensure quality for each mentee, mentors can only work with 4 to 6 mentees at a time.

Join the Facebook group. Direct message Louis Petrides on Facebook or LinkedIn

PetriVentures was created in 2020 and we’ve helped over 20+ mentee’s secure jobs and/or get promotions.

Check out the testimonials.

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