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PetriVentures Startup Accelerator is an 8-week program connecting early founders with top level CEOs, mentors and investors. Pitch us for $15,000 to $250,000.

What we do

Accelerating ambitious founders across Australia and New Zealand

Most accelerators aim to build large communities to attract uninterested suits to invest in your businesses. They don’t care for your success, you’re the 47 out of the 200 diversified start-up portfolios. We don’t think that way. We work with 10 start-up’s per year. Your business is your life and we treat it as such. Each of our CEO’s, mentors and investors each have a stake in PetriVenture investment fund so there is a vested interest to make sure you succeed.

Backed by top business mentors and CEOs


8 week program

Tight investment portfolio

10 investments per year

Don't be 47

Week 0
(The Pitch)

Pitch to us your idea, product, and business.

Two options:

  1. Immediate capital investment
  2. Mentor program for 8 weeks

Week 1-7

If selected, we conduct weekly calls with founders about all aspects of their business. Marketing, ops, and strategy.

Week 8
(Demo Day)

The official part of the program ends with investor pitches and the demo day celebration.

Backed by multiple Australian & International Investors

The start-up community doesn't take into account the human element of business. You're not a number, a 47. This is why we only invest in 10 businesses per year. We keep it tight and focus on each business.

Louis P

Founder – Investor

We're after businesses that do the right thing for people across the globe.

Silent Partner

Investor | Mentor – CEO with 35+ years experience in SaaS

Keep your feet on the ground and aim for the skies.

Silent Partner

Investor | Mentor – CEO with 20+ years experienced of SaaS Microsoft & Project Porfolio Management 

We're here to support your business with Marketing, Ops, Legal, HR, and enable growth.

Silent Partner

Investor | Mentor – CEO with 30+ years in Marketing Agency across NA, EU & APAC

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