👋 We Are PetriVentures

A Bootstrapped Venture Studio

PetriVentures is a bootstrapped venture studio. Since 2016, we’ve built a portfolio of independent education & tech companies inc. PetriDigital, Online Creator Institute & our latest venture, Dyslexia Consulting.



Moving Forward

The Objective

Our objective is to build a new venture each year where each is more epic than the last. We’ll keep our portfolio fresh and drive innovation with a small team using the Pareto Principle.

Kick-ass Team

PetriVentures is run by a small team of marketing, product & developer experts based across Australia. Our remote-first principle gets everyone together monthly to work alongside each other and have fun.

The company was founded in 2016 by Louis with $250 and a computer running Windows XP.

How We Create Ventures

We build a venture every year with one rule: Make it more epic than the last.

Learn With Us

Join our exclusive early-adopter community. Help shape the future of our ventures, learn and get early access to new products.