Each year, our team creates a new venture with one rule: It must be more epic than the last.

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With our marketing knowledge, PetriDigital helps businesses grow through marketing.

Launched in 2016, PetriDigital is our staple venture helping some of the largest brands in the world with their marketing initiatives. From Social Media, Content Marketing, and Marketing Consulting.

Giving education seekers confidence in their next provider

We’re currently working on a venture that helps education seekers find the best education provider across Business, Creativity, Technology, Science, Finance, and even cooking.

Helping people build income online through YouTube

We created an education company that helps people build income on YouTube within 21 days. We kept it simple and ridiculously easy to follow.

Helping adults with Dyslexia build a business of their own

Dyslexia Consulting is a 6-week education program helping adults with Dyslexia build businesses of their own.

Random fact: The average adult with Dyslexia has an average job lifespan between 3 months to 2 years.

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